Welcome to the New David Fishwick Website

The David Fishwick new website is live. Welcome to our brand-new website. We have worked tirelessly to bring our customers both new and old an easier way to interact with our business.

With David Fishwick Minibus sales now being the U. Ks largest minibus, minicoach and wheelchair accessible vehicle sales company around we knew we had to do more for you.

Our new website has been made primarily to work the way you wanted, easier, quicker and full of vehicles. The old David Fishwick website had served us really well for a number of years but as we continued to grow it couldn’t keep up!

Since you are already here you will notice that we stock new and used minibuses, minicoaches and wheelchair accessible vehicles. Have a look here. 

What do you think about www.davidfishwick.com new look?
The new David Fishwick website is ultimately for you, our customer. Already we have had a load of great feedback and few things that you would like tweaking. Please do tell us your thoughts, we now have our own web team at David Fishwick that manage the day to day running of the site and are already working on your suggestions such as, live chat, bespoke minibus, bespoke minicoach and bespoke wheelchair accessible vehicle configurator. Your suggestions come through every day and we are working hard to develop our website with you in mind. Have a suggestion whilst you’re here? Keep our web team busy. 
Vehicles, Vehicles and more vehicles
Our new David Fishwick website gives us a platform to share our current, upcoming and new minibus, minicoach and wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our first aim with our vehicles section was to share all of our vehicles with you. Building on that we wanted to give you as much information as possible about the vehicles you are looking at, furthermore if that certain bit of information isn’t there we have made it easier than ever to get in touch and be sent it over. Our challenge is to get our stock online as soon as it comes in to David Fishwick. When either a new or used vehicle comes into David Fishwick we make sure it’s perfect before we even show it. If it’s not up to our unrivalled standards then you won’t see it here.

Another part of the website that we didn’t have before was space for David Fishwick himself
Thankfully, this was one of the easier sections to build, you will already know that there is a wealth of information on David Fishwick on the internet already and now we can have our own place that gives you insights into David & his business, how it all began and how we became the largest minibus sales company in the U.K.
This section helps us to share our developments within our business, “Bank On Dave” and with David Fishwick himself

David Fishwick Commercial Vehicles
You will have noticed that we have a dedicated section for the commercial vehicle arm of the business too. We have our own dedicated commercial vehicle team at David Fishwick. Have a read of our about us page and our commercial page 

Our website launched in August at the same time as David’s new TV programme on Channel Four, This launch date frankly overwhelmed us all, mainly the support. Collectively we have managed to crash the website a few times, keeping the web team busy.

All in all, we hope you find our new website easy to use and it offers all the information you want. Remember anything you would like to see and want changing let us know.

We as always have a team of specialists that look after different sectors and different types of vehicles. Whether you are looking to buy or just talk about your options we are here to help. Our site will be continually growing as we do so check back frequently to see what’s new and how David Fishwick is getting on.
Thank you

The David Fishwick team
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