Ford Transit Automatic Minibus 2021

Ford Transit Automatic Minibus Previously unavailable in the European market, but well tested in North America, the addition of an automatic gearbox propels the Transit into competition with other premium brands such as Mercedes and IVECO for those customers requiring 2 pedal operation. The headline here is the fact that this unit (which is related to those fitted to the F150 pickup and Mustang) has 10 forward gears which give a tight spacing in lower ratios for seamless and brisk acceleration, and a lower engine RPM at cruising speeds for added efficiency.

The system has Tip-tronic control on the gear selector allowing for manual over-riding of the ratio choice, but when left to its own devices is intelligent, quick to change and most importantly smooth to provide your passengers with a more comfortable travelling environment – the driver benefits from a reduced workload, no risk of clutch wear, a footrest and better integration with the camera-driven adaptive cruise control which is now able to work to its full potential.

Competitively priced at £1,450, the automatic transmission must be paired with the 170ps high output engine – standard equipment on Limited specification, £1,000 upgrade on Trend and Leader.


Power Operated Sliding Side Door

Another long-awaited item, and offered by Ford at a remarkably low price – the factory fitted power door provides full integration with the body control system that coordinates its operation with a re-designed power step

(that now operates only within 1 plane of motion for greater long-term durability) for seamless function

Operation is achieved via a dashboard-mounted button, remote key control or with either the internal or external door handles – with anti-pinch / auto-reverse & emergency release handles for passenger safety.

Priced at just £80, this remarkably low figure shows how Ford’s economies of scale work to provide exceptional value, but we continue to stock vehicles with a standard door for those customers that prefer manual operation








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