With over 20 years experience our team of experts are ready to take you on a memorable journey

Although the original basis of the company was in van retailing, commercial vehicles now play a subsidiary role to the fast-expanding minibus business. Naturally, this service still commands all the expertise that today extends throughout all of our retailing activity

We know all the right people and we know how to drive a hard bargain to meet your budget. Because this is a vast market, there are lots of product variations. Sometimes stock moves so quickly it won’t have time to appear on this site. Service is the essence of our skills and we can source vehicles through our extensive network of suppliers. Just consider the extent of our knowledge and experience, together with the level of our aftersales expertise, and you’ll appreciate the decision to come to David Fishwick for all your commercial vehicle requirements – however obscure or specialist they might be. We can happily customise a pre-owned vehicle to meet your precise specification, so you’ll be the proud owner of a van or minibus that looks as if it’s straight off the production line


We can and do source new vehicles but, for many, the pre-owned route is the best option. Typically, our stock will be 2-5 years old, with differing mileages. We’ll give vehicles a full appraisal, including a 12-month MOT certificate, and we can also arrange finance. See our “Bank on Dave!” section for more details and we’ll help you through the process

A huge range of vehicles in stock & available to order!

We know buying a vehicle is not as simple as just selecting the first one that you find, at David Fishwick we stock a variety of both new & used vehicles, but can also build brand new vehicles to your exact specifications. So if you can’t see what you are looking for give our team a call on 01282 867772

Build or Customise! We have a team of conversion specialists

Whether choosing from our existing stock, or starting a bespoke build, we can customise any and all of our vehicles to your specification. With a huge range of off the shelf modifications available and our skilled team of craftsmen on hand, nothing is too difficult.

We proudly stock and coachbuild all major brands

Stick to tried and true brand loyalty? New to the market and need some advice? Whether you know exactly what you are after, or are ready to be advised, At David Fishwick we stock all major brands and our team of staff are fully trained with complete knowledge of every vehicle we stock and customise.

Can’t find what you are looking for?
Or just need some friendly advice?

Our team of experts are on hand Monday – Saturday ready to take your call and assist you with any queries you may have. Whether it’s an enquiry about a specific vehicle or the scope of a customisation option you have in mind, give us a call on

01282 867772

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